African Proverbs in African Literature

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Republic of Congo

REPUBLIC OF CONGO [Capital City: Brazzaville]

This country was formerly colonized by France and gained independence in 1960.


1. All monkeys cannot hang on the same branch.

2. If one is roasting two potatoes, one of them is bound to get charred.

3. If you walk with an elephant, the dew will not bother you.

4. Even if skinny, an elephant dares not cross over a grass bridge.

5. When the monkey is chased away, the crazy baboon laughs.

6. The lizard runs so fast that it overtakes its own hole.

7. You can’t blame the flea for foul-smelling when you crush it.

8. If a lion eats a bad fellow today and it is not killed, tomorrow it will eat a good one.

9. If the trial concerns the forest, don’t take a monkey as a judge.

10. There are no thorns on the road that leads to your beloved.

11. The thief is the one who is caught.

12. A thief is like a mouse: you catch him with a trap.

13. The thief is clever, how much more must be the one who has to discover him?

14. A thief can detect the footmarks of another thief on a rock.

15. A town will have problems when the guard is the thieves’ leader.

16. If you go on a robbing expedition, take a companion with you; later you may accuse him.

17. A thief does not speak ill of another thief.


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